Monday to Thursday ordered before 16:00 shipped the same day!


Monday to Thursday ordered before 16:00 shipped the same day!

Messor barbarus

An ant colony with Messor Barbarus

When it comes to ants, the Messor Barbarus breed is a very suitable ant colony to keep at home. You can learn a lot from keeping ants as pets and it is great fun to watch the ants go about their daily work. At Quality Ants you can buy ants that live completely enclosed (and safe) in their own ant farm. The care of, for example, the Messor Barbarus ants is very simple, educational and above all fun. Build and expand your ant farm. The clever design of the nests and outdoor worlds available from Quality Ants allow you to closely follow the lives of your Messor Barbarus ants.

messor barbarus

What do ants eat?

The Messor Barbarus ant colony actually eats mostly seeds. So the majority of what you feed them consists of seeds, which you can simply buy in the Quality Ants webshop. The ants add some moisture to the seeds and chew them to make a paste-like substance. This is also known as 'ant bread'. The seed diet is not quite enough for the Messor Barbarus ants. They still lack some moisture and protein with such a diet. In addition to the seeds, you therefore also give your ants some insects to eat, such as beetles, cockroaches, (fruit) flies, mealworms or crickets. Fresh water is of course also important for your ants.

Build your own ant world

Buying ants from Quality Ants is easy. You simply start by purchasing a starter pack. You immediately have a nest, an outside world, the necessary hoses, a heat mat, a sealing set and some other things that you use to start your own ant colony. These ants are easy to keep, but are also very sensitive to changes in light and sudden vibrations. Even visible movement of the ant farm can upset them. This means that it is important to give your ant colony a stable place in a place where there is no bright light. Do you want to buy ants for a young child? Then clearly explain how the Messor Barbarus should be cared for. That way you can enjoy your ant colony for a long time and the ants are very happy in their new home.

More about the Messor Barbara

The Messor Barbarus ants are found in the wild in southern Europe, often in areas with a lot of sand. They build their nest underground and can withstand a humidity of 50 to 70%. The queen grows up to 15 to 18 mm and the size of the workers varies from 3 to 14 mm. In a colony of Messor Barbarus ants, you will find between 8,000 and 10,000 workers. With the heat mat that you can buy for your ants at Quality Ants, your ants will be nice and warm. The Messor Barbarus ants feel best at a temperature between 21 and 26 degrees Celsius. Do you have questions or do you want to buy an ant colony? Check out our webshop and read the blogs to learn more about buying and caring for ants. Of course you can also contact Quality Ants. Before you know it you will be enjoying your own ant colony with Messor Barbarus ants.

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There was something wrong with the order but they handled it very quickly and very neatly.
A really great store.
read more
Ordered three times in the last month and a half. Good and fast answer to questions via the chat and the colony Camponotus Nicobarensis was well packed and arrived healthy (with workers and brood).
read more
I recently ordered ants (Camponotus Cruentatus species)
They arrived very healthy and already living in their formicarium with outside world they love the food I put in it.
I use the beetlejelly cups that my ants prefer.
A jelly cup is large and I can use it for a long time.
If they need a little bit of protein I use a bowl of mealworms that were also ordered from here.
I am very satisfied and recommend this shop to everyone.
Greetings from Belgium from Daan
read more
Visited the showroom last week, nice to see.
Bought a polyrhachis dives colony with accessories, all well arranged.
Bodhi Dubbelman
read more
In my opinion the best ant dealer in the Netherlands. 3 colonies ordered and all in top condition. Communication is also great.
Maykel Schollen
read more
Received my Polyrhachis colony a few weeks ago, it was not my first purchase here, but as always neatly packaged and shipped quickly. The ants look great and healthy, they have also been building a lot, I am very happy with them.
Thomas Overman
read more
Placed a few orders, everything is fine! Last time something went wrong, immediately had a response and a solution + extra. Top service.
read more
I have pheidole pallidula and Camponotus nicobaresis all arrived well had bought pheidole 100+ workers so there was a small outside world with many brother at the end of the holiday so already 200 and the nicobaresis is also doing well

Top service
read more
very good quality the queen came in alive and healthy.

There was plenty of seed and there were many larvae and brood. The colony had 13 workers at the time of delivery. A really nice species to keep and well worth stealing and observing the ants. Well worth the small amount. Tip look very carefully and keep them in one place as much as possible they are very sensitive
read more
Ordered fruit flies yesterday, they were delivered today by letter post. Very good quality and service! Gonna order some food soon :)
Pim Bouwens
read more
Very fast and neat delivery of the products. Everything was neatly packed and was kept informed by email. I am very satisfied, you have a regular customer!!!
Ernst Bruinsma
read more
Received the ordered ants today. These were very well packed, all delivered in good health. Thanks for this. This webshop is highly recommended. Good/fast and professional.
read more
Ordered a colony few days ago, it was well packed and it was delivered quickly. There were fewer ants than ordered, perry had also indicated this. I believe that's why he gave extra beatle jelly. Really top service, definitely recommended!
Carl Boeckx
read more
Received my colony of Aphaenogaster gibbosa today after some delay at

But after a phone call with Quality ants I was reassured that the animals would arrive safely. This is top business.
read more
Camponotus fedschenkoi ordered.

It was clearly packed with great care and arrived in good condition. Ordered a Messor barbarus queen here last year and a year later they are also doing great. Large range for a great price. In short, highly recommended
Johan Roos
read more
Ordered some more things from Perry, the order was here very quickly and looked very good again !!
Highly recommended for everyone they deliver fast and good stuff top !!!.
Thanks again Perry!!!
read more
Well and professionally packaged and shipped quickly.
read more
We order here regularly, never had any complaints and received perfect service. Thank you!!
Koen Bumblebees
read more
super good customer service, products received on time and in good condition
Joshua Kralea
read more
Bought a bunch of ants, all arrived in good condition, securely packaged. Delivery within one day is therefore a shipment that is immediately used!
read more
this is a good website a lot of offer for a good price i have now ordered the messor capitatus and was immediately told that it will be shipped

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